GMTR 150 - Dual Ram Rig

: Geoquip Marine
: Fukada Salvage & Marine Works
: 2015
World's largest Modular Mobile Drilling Rig for Ultra Deepwater (3500m) Geotechnical Exploration, Subsea Mining & Well Intervention work.

Dimension has designed and engineered the rig as the latest addition to a series of modular ram hoist type rigs which can be easily mobilised from vessels of opportunity. GMTR150 enables Geoquip Marine to survey at greater depth than the rigs in the existing fleet and therefore expand into deeper water markets.

Our scope of work:

Naval Architecture
Structural Engineering of Rig & All Systems
Project Management
Contract Manufacturing
Mobilization & Installation
Commisioning & Operations Support

The rig has an automated pipe handling system, a ram hoist system with twin wire suspension for safe and controlled handling of in-hole tools and a six -metre passive stroke compensation.  It is also designed to be capable of lowering and hoisting our GMCPT201 deep water seabed CPT unit.

GMTR150 has been mobilised on board Poseidon-1, a new build DP2 vessel which has been designed and built in Japan, providing an extremely stable platform for deep water drilling operations. It is particularly suitable for pressure and non-pressure coring of gas hydrates in deeper waters and has already seen its first use, performing deep water gas hydrate exploration in Japanese waters, including CPT, sampling and pressure coring in water depths in excess of 1,000m.

“This is a milestone in offshore geotechnical and geological investigation equipment - in terms of quality, penetration depth and adaptability the spread presents an excellent addition to the current deep water products available within Geoquip,” Andrew Wright concludes.

The Poseidon-1 and GMTR150 are now available for gas hydrate campaigns and geotechnical site investigation surveys in the Far East and the rest of the world.